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by getemngo
22 Feb 2011 05:20
Forum: History: Restaurant Chains
Topic: Former Arby's locations
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Re: Former Arby's locations

Arby's has been kind of in flux lately. It seems like every time one opens up, another one closes. They closed the one here in Oscoda, MI on Halloween 2007, almost exactly 20 years after it opened. It's now a coffee shop. Strangely, our Arby's used a building style I've seen nowhere else: Here's a ...
by getemngo
17 Apr 2010 00:42
Forum: History: Specialty Retail Chains
Topic: Defunct Video Store Chains?
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Re: Defunct Video Store Chains?

Movie Outpost was in southwest Michigan, based in Otsego or Plainwell if I'm remembering correctly. It was bought out by Movie Gallery around 2004. Movie Gallery used a weirdly inefficient conversion process. They would remodel the interior to Movie Gallery standards (keeping the exterior Movie Outp...