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by martyk
22 Feb 2012 17:52
Forum: History: Specialty Retail Chains
Topic: Bookstores
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Re: Bookstores

In Sacramento, Tower Books (an offshoot of Tower Records) was the first Big Box Bookseller. Thier stores were always next door, but not always attached to the record stores.
by martyk
24 Oct 2008 18:30
Forum: History: Department Store Chains
Topic: Best Products
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Re: Best Products

I just came across this site of Best buildings designed by SITE:
by martyk
24 Oct 2008 18:19
Forum: History: Specialty Retail Chains
Topic: Auto Parts Club
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Re: Auto Parts Club

wulfgar64 wrote:In Sacramento there was an auto parts club store in the late 80's in what had been a former Rhodes/Liberty House store in South Gate mall. Don't recall exactly what the name of the place was though.
I think that was a Sporting Goods "Club" store, "Sports Club"?? I'm not sure of the name.
by martyk
30 Jul 2008 15:08
Forum: History: USA California
Topic: Corti Brothers Sacramento, CA 60 days
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Re: Corti Brothers Sacramento, CA 60 days

That store's an institution. My Uncle worked there until he retired a few years ago. He had been there since it was a "Giant Foods" in the 60's (Maybe even longer, I keep forgetting to ask him)
by martyk
19 Jul 2007 16:58
Forum: History: Specialty Retail Chains
Topic: Incredible Universe
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The Sacramento (Northgate) now-Fry's IU had up until maybe a year ago(and maybe still has) one of the old IU delivery trucks, still painted as an IU truck - I guess Fry's was too cheap to bother repainting the it!
I'll have to look for it the next time I go there.
by martyk
22 Jan 2007 13:35
Forum: History: USA California
Topic: Corti Brothers, Sacramento, CA
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My Uncle used to work at this store, and my Dad used to deliver vegetables to the store (we had a farm), so I got to go in the back area a lot as a kid.

I think (I'll have to ask my uncle for verification) that before Corti Bros, this was a Giant Foods store.
by martyk
22 Jan 2007 13:30
Forum: History: USA California
Topic: Sacramento: Stop-n-Shop
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I mentioned seeing this post to my uncle who remembered this Stop-n-Shop. He mentioned that one way to get to the hospital (the taller building in the rear) was to walk through the grocery store!!!
by martyk
16 Jan 2007 20:17
Forum: History: Restaurant Chains
Topic: The Big Yellow House restaurants, California
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The Sacramento one was across the freeway from the Cal Expo fairgrounds on Exposition Blvd., across from what was the Beverly Garland Hotel. I haven't been that way in a while, but I know the Big Yellow House is long gone.
by martyk
08 Nov 2006 14:32
Forum: History: Shopping Centers
Topic: Florin Mall, South Sacramento
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Actually, the Sears is the only old part of Florin Mall that will stay, apparently Sears owns the building. The rest has been razed to make way for an open-air mall, anchored by Sears and a Wal-Mart supercenter, which is moving from it's current location at the Southgate Center (it's only a "regular...