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by BillyGr
14 Jul 2006 23:28
Forum: History: USA Northeast
Topic: 1985 movie: "The Stuff"
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Re: 1985 movie: "The Stuff"

Any ideas on what chain this was? The logo on the aisle hanger looks like it might be a Shop Rite logo, but it's so far away and tiny it's hard to be certain. The font on the wall lettering, however, looks similar to what was used at a Piggly Wiggly I frequented in Florida. Since the movie was supp...
by BillyGr
25 Apr 2006 11:22
Forum: History: Miscellaneous and Not Region-Specific
Topic: Grocers in "real" malls - not strip malls
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A couple of malls in the Albany area had Price Choppers - Mohawk Mall (Niskayuna, near Schenectady) and Clifton Country Mall. The Mohawk one closed when they opened a super store further down Central Ave - of course they just recently opened a new store in the (now redone Mohawk Commons) - a kind of...
by BillyGr
08 Apr 2006 14:56
Forum: History: USA Northeast
Topic: Grand Union
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They went as far North as Vermont, going up the Hudson Valley from NYC and through the Berkshires. They had stores in that region until the end. Until the late 70s, they had stores in Hartford and New Haven, although most of these were sold to Food Mart (pre-A&P). They kept a number of stores going...
by BillyGr
25 Mar 2006 21:55
Forum: History: Department Store Chains
Topic: Anyone Remember Kings?
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There were King's stores in the upstate NY area as well - they would have been similar to a Kmart/Walmart - I know of two (Hudson and Albany) - many of their stores were later sold to Ames (including the Hudson store, which had previously been a Barkers [another similar chain]) - the Albany one beca...
by BillyGr
03 Mar 2006 20:21
Forum: History: Miscellaneous and Not Region-Specific
Topic: A&P store style?
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There is a former store in Hudson (Greenport) NY that looks similar (with the center section that sticks out from the rest of the building) - it's now an Aldi's and has a bit of a peak, but they may have added that. I know it closed in the 1980's, but am not sure exactly when, probably 81-85 timefra...
by BillyGr
10 Feb 2006 22:43
Forum: History: Miscellaneous and Not Region-Specific
Topic: First supercenter
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This is from the Price Chopper website - if you check the paragraph with the >>>> it sounds like an early Super Center (and more like the antique shop) - It appears to have been only in that one store, as far as I can see from the site and it doesn't say how long it existed. Our History Planting The...