Publix Markets with "wings" in Florida

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Re: Publix Markets with "wings" in Florida

Post by Edric Floyd » 19 Mar 2009 04:14

dooneyt63 wrote:I agree that the Nebraska Avenue store in Tampa, FL is a rebuild and not a re-do. I, too, remember its having the center doors and more of the Publix black marble. It is definitely the location I was remembering, but I haven't been by there in a number of years. It had been redone at the time, but it was smallish for the stores Publix was beginning to build (late 1990's). The doors were still in the center at the time, and the store sported its original terrazzo floor. This building, like the College Park (Orlando) store, was probably built to increase the sales floor. The food offerings at Publix, especially their GreenWise line, have added a number of SKU's to their line. Though they still don't go far with general merchandise, I'm sure these older sized stores just weren't getting it.
I once lived near the Nebraska Avenue Publix and that store was rebuilt around 1995 to resemble the original. There was a little neighborhood protest over the closure of the original store but it was painfully small while Publix was remodeling and replacing older stores. Also it was the only store for a great distance for many in the neighborhood who didn't have transportation.

THE PHOTOS: The Publix with the "wings" in Margate Florida closed in the mid 1980's when Publix built in a new shopping center about a mile away on Coconut Creek Parkway. The Margate store competed with a Pantry Pride to the south and a Grand Union to the north. Both of those stores closed around the same time as the Publix. By then the Publix also competed with new Albertson's on Coconut Creek Parkway and a Table Supply (Winn-Dixie) on Atlantic Blvd.

The afterlife of the old Margate Blvd Publix included a Spa Lady fitness center that divided the store with a meat market. That store also sat vacant for much of the 1990's until recently. I last drove past the store in 2008.

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