Did Ann & Hope have a supermarket?

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Did Ann & Hope have a supermarket?

Post by pseudo3d » 09 Oct 2013 21:26

Something I read in Labelscar says that did, though I can't find any information more (or contradicting that). Anyone have any confirmation/denial?

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Re: Did Ann & Hope have a supermarket?

Post by BillyGr » 10 Oct 2013 15:41

First - note that I only went to one of their stores one time, so it's certainly possible that other locations were different or that they changed over time (as seems to be referred to in the article).

However, from what I remember it was similar to any of the other discount stores of the time, which means that they would have had some food items (packaged goods, snacks, candy etc.) but not a full supermarket (or even as much of one as a Target or WalMart does in their super stores today).

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