A&P stores in Maine in 1990s

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A&P stores in Maine in 1990s

Post by jamiel » 30 Oct 2016 16:41

Were there any A&P stores left in Maine in the 1990s? I spent a couple weeks in Bangor for work, and the off weekend took a drive out to New Brunswick, and vaguely recall one east of there which was a very ramshackle looking building (didn't seem to be a Centennial--was more like a general store which had been added onto multiple times). This would have been in the spring of 1993...curious if anyone knows.

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Re: A&P stores in Maine in 1990s

Post by BillyGr » 31 Oct 2016 12:20

I do not know, but certainly a possibility, especially in one of the smaller towns. After all, we had one location here in NY until 1997 (in an area where most had closed a decade plus earlier) and a couple in the northern part of the state held on even longer.

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