Hill's? Hill's-Korvette?

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Re: Hill's? Hill's-Korvette?

Post by Jared » 04 Jun 2018 19:26

Let1tb2 wrote:Hills was known for a short period of time as “The Hills”. Seem to remember an ad come to The Hills nearest you” They were purchased by Pueblo International in mid 70’s. Then later in 77 Food Fair ‘s Pantry Pride division purchase them and a year later closed them all. Waldbaum’s and King Kullen purchased quite a few.
Yes the waldbaums/ king kullen (third store relocation) in patchogue 100% is a former hills that went though a major expansion when it was waldbaums

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Re: Hill's? Hill's-Korvette?

Post by kevin » 10 Jun 2019 02:50

John Michael wrote:
28 Aug 2006 23:40
Jeffrey55 wrote:When we moved to Junction Blvd. in Queens in 1963, on the dividing line between Elmhurst, Corona and Rego Park, there was a Penn Fruit supermarket on the ground floor of the Lefrak City housing development. (The store must have been only a couple of years old, because I think that first section of Lefrak City opened around 1961.) I had never before heard of Penn Fruit (but I now have learned all about it from the article posted elsewhere on this site). However, within a year or two, Penn Fruit vanished and was replaced by Hill's Supermarkets. I recall that their main office was listed as Farmingdale, Long Island. They did quite a bit of advertising, and I remember the store being quite nice.

At some point in the early 70s, what I thought was a very strange merger occurred, and the chain became known as Hill's-Korvette. E.J. Korvette, the regional discount department store chain, had its own chain of supermarkets. Despite having read an entire book about the rise and fall of Korvettes (as it was later known), I don't think I ever learned how this merger came about -- did Korvette spin off the food chain, or did it buy Hill's, or was there some kind of joint ownership? I always thought it was bizarre that the chain took on, and retained, the ungainly Hill's-Korvette name for years. It was still known as such by the time I left the area around 1976.

Of course, Korvettes went bankrupt and disappeared, but does anybody know what became of Hill's-Korvette Supermarkets, which disappeared as well? Does anybody know how wide a geographic area the original Hill's chain covered?
I also remember Hills Supermarkets as Riverhead also contained one in its shopping center (now KING KULLEN). I believe that both Korvetts, which I also remember, and Hills were New York stores only. I remember Hills' logo being orange in color as a lower case "h" circled the name. Boy, I wish I had kept so many of those supermarket matchbooks. Anyone have any for sale?
While I don't have any matchbooks from the Hills-Korvette stores, I did come across a recipe flyer from them. It shows the logos of both Hills and Korvette. The two sides of the flyer are attached but I'm not sure if both of them will display in this post.......
The attachment Hills-Korvette recipe flyer- side 1.jpg is no longer available
Hills-Korvette recipe flyer- side 1.jpg

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Re: Hill's? Hill's-Korvette?

Post by kevin » 10 Jun 2019 02:55

Actually side 1 is the one that was successfully attached to the above post. Now here is side 2.
Hills-Korvette recipe flyer- side 2.jpg

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