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Acme's Logo

Post by GiantAcme » 28 Mar 2011 21:13

I'm a big fan of the AcmeStyle blog and there is a good amount of information on Acme's logo over the years on that website but I still have a couple of questions.

1. Why did Acme switch to the fish eye logo in the first place? ( The cursive logo looks pretty sharp to me but I also love the fish eye logo.)
2. I know they then went to the red oval (which is my personal favorite) but for a short time was this their logo? Its an add from 1982 apparently and it almost looks like it was a transitional logo of some-kind
3. Third and final question is why did Acme abandon the oval and go to the block lettering? Its easily their worst logo out of the 4 and is so bland. This logo has seem to have stuck for way too long. I think if Acme was serious about getting competitive again they should change their logo back to one of the other 3 or something that is at least an improvement and show people that they are changing.

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Re: Acme's Logo

Post by MikeRa » 28 Mar 2011 21:27

1: It was 1961 when Acme Markets Inc. (American Stores Company at this point changed their name to Acme Markets, Inc., and this would last until 1974, when the name reverted back to American Stores Company), right around the same time Acme started building the "a-frame" stores.

2: Yes

3: Acme switched to that logo in the final years of American Stores Company (which by 1979, was based out of Salt Lake City, Utah) on the stores, but this logo wouldn't appear on the food packaging until during the early part of Albertsons' ownership. The 1980's logo was also used of the food packaging until SuperValu phased it out.

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Re: Acme's Logo

Post by trex354 » 17 Oct 2013 17:26

Over the past 6 years that Supervalu has owned Acme, they have been removing ALL Acme logos from
their tractors and trailers. Oval and block logos from their trailers were removed on about 60% of there
equipment in order to make deliveries to non-Acme stores that Supervalu sells to. All their tractors had
their Acme logos remover several years ago.
However this past week Albertsons made a bold move, they are applying new Acme logos to there fleet of
Volvo tractors and rumor has it that new Acme logos will be applied on their trailers. The red Acme block
lettering is being put on their (white) Volvos. Block lettering as bland as it may be is better that no logo.

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