Treasure Island cofounder dies

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Treasure Island cofounder dies

Post by runchadrun » 03 Nov 2009 13:38

From the Chicago Tribune... ... 4820.story
Christ Kamberos, whose Greek father peddled fruits and vegetables from a pushcart, introduced Chicago shoppers to strange and fascinating culinary delights from around the world in the aisles of his Treasure Island groceries.

With a group of partners including his brother, Mr. Kamberos opened the first Treasure Island at 3460 N. Broadway in 1963.

Items most Chicagoans had never seen before -- like Spanish mole, French cheeses, canned snails and mustard that wasn't bright yellow -- filled its shelves.

The layout also was different, a little darker and more cluttered than standard-issue supermarkets. Clusters of ethnic specialties were set up as mini-gourmet shops within the store, and hot entrees and side dishes filled a steam table years before prepared foods became commonplace. Organic foods were also front and center long before they became front-page news.
I shopped at the Broadway Ave store in September and it was an interesting place. As the article mentioned it was cluttered and I couldn't find anything because there were no overhead signs and items didn't seem to be arranged where you thought they might be. The exterior is seemingly untouched since it opened in 1963.

Here are a couple of pictures:

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Re: Treasure Island cofounder dies

Post by rich » 03 Nov 2009 19:37

A great store. Once you shopped there regularly, it all made sense. It was a place where you could find really interesting, novel items and pick-up regular stuff like tuna. Best chocolate chunk cookies I've ever had. And the only decent supermarket deli pizza I can remember.

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