Safeway TV Ads 1980-81

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Safeway TV Ads 1980-81

Post by StoreLiker2006 » 13 Feb 2010 06:31

Here's a YouTube find of 14 old Safeway spots from 1980 and '81 (applicable to stores in the Northern California region, as per the video description) featuring the then-current "Everything You Want from a Store and a Little Bit More" slogan. On 13 of these (one of these is unfortunately glitched, watch at the 4m 28s mark to see why), the closing tag starts with the word "SAFEWAY" in bold red letters moving to the bottom right of the screen; after a flash the name disappears and changes to the "S" medallion that was used from around 1957 until January 1, 1982, which shines. The slogan text appears just under the medallion logo.

On the 14th ad, the medallion logo has an effect.

Click here to watch:

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Re: Safeway TV Ads 1980-81

Post by klkla » 13 Feb 2010 22:02

Those were interesting. I noticed a link on the same page... A very dramatic (overly?) homage to a marina store that was closing in Winnipeg, Canada. Marina lovers will like this video. The dramatic music even adds a little drama. ... ature=fvwp

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Re: Safeway TV Ads 1980-81

Post by kg4peq » 11 Mar 2010 00:40

Both were great videos.

YouTube has quite a few of the Honest Day, Honest Deal commercials, but I haven't found any from the series I remember best, the "Nobody Does it Better for Less" and "Come Take a Look, Come See the Difference" commercials. Anyone found any of these?

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Re: Safeway TV Ads 1980-81

Post by Super S » 12 Mar 2010 13:44

Thanks for sharing that. i remember commercials with this jingle airing during that period when I lived in Casper, Wyoming briefly.

I posted a link a while back to an old Buttrey commercial from the same time period in the Northwest/Rockies/Alaska section a while back if you are interested.

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