7-Eleven Stores (1980-Prior)

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Re: 7-Eleven Stores (1980-Prior)

Post by jamcool » 24 Jun 2010 15:48

Brian Lutz wrote:Anyone got any idea if this particular 7-Eleven corresponds to any known styles? I'm guessing it was a conversion of an existing gas station, but there's a possibility it might be an older style as well.
It looks like a 60s-70s style Enco/Exxon station...according to the roofline, the service bays were under the roof peak

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Re: 7-Eleven Stores (1980-Prior)

Post by StoreLiker2006 » 25 Jun 2010 21:51

Were there any 7-Elevens in the 1970s that had no "formal" roof designs, which seemed to mimic certain older designs of stores that lacked the usual mansard or shake roof?

Here in the Portland/Vancouver area, the West Linn, OR location at 19100 Willamette Drive comes to mind. It has fallen under the company's rebuild program in the 1992-96 period, like 95% of the other 7-Elevens both in the state of Oregon and nationwide, as it now has the stripes on the front. Before that I could picture a very large 7-Eleven circle logo done up in neon.

Before its renovation, the facade would've resembled something like this, but with the 1968-style neon logo seen in the middle.
Credit to Pleasant Family Shopping.
Credit to Pleasant Family Shopping.
This is what the West Linn 7-Eleven looked like sometime starting in the 1992-96 period:
Taken from Google Maps.
Taken from Google Maps.

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