7-Eleven Stores Torn Down and Rebuilt

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7-Eleven Stores Torn Down and Rebuilt

Post by StoreLiker2006 » 26 Oct 2010 11:28


Were there any 7-Eleven stores that had been torn down and rebuilt through the years? I can think of two in the Portland, Oregon area:
#14491 - 11310 NW St. Helens Rd.
#14495 - 7115 SE Powell Blvd.

Both these stores appear to have originally opened in 1965, and originally had some sort of mansard roof with a pylon reading "7-ELEVEN" in the slant-design. Their current views show them as being significantly larger stores, especially the Linnton area location (which I believe was the first 7-Eleven ever to open in Portland, Oregon). The original building of the Linnton store appears to have been demolished sometime in the mid 1980s, because the newer building makes significant use of the black window trim which I believe was not originally present on any of the mid '60s-early '80s locations.

Here is what a typical new 7-Eleven from 1988 would look like:
Knapp Street in Brooklyn 1988 by mcmannors, on Flickr

The Powell store appears to have had its shake roof go bye bye sometime around 1980, being replaced by a mansard roof common on stores of that period. This one is the oldest of four 7-Elevens along SE Powell Blvd. going east into Gresham.


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