The Colors of 1950s-'80s Fred Meyer Stores?

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The Colors of 1950s-'80s Fred Meyer Stores?

Post by StoreLiker2006 » 29 Nov 2009 21:34


Can anyone judge what colors all the Fred Meyer stores of the '50s-'80s used to be?

For example:
*The Clackamas Fred Meyer location, which opened in May 1979, had the main building done up in off-white with the roof painted in a very, very dark, blackish-brown with white "Fred Meyer" letters on the front. The main sign was done up the same way. The Home Improvement & Garden Center building was originally off-white in color, and had the red "Fred Meyer" letters and the "Home Improvement & Garden Center" text in green with yellow and orange flowers beside it. The road sign which identifies that building might originally have been similar to the newer HI&GC building at the 1966-era 82nd & Foster Freddy's in that it was a tall sign, rather than short (the graphics consisted of the same green HI&GC and red Fred Meyer text, against a white background). After this store (Clackamas) was remodeled in 1988, both buildings were painted beige/tan, and the white Fred Meyer lettering on the main building was changed to red letters. On the HI&GC building, the green HI&GC text was removed and had new footers (white text on a red background) placed above the entryway. The HI&GC road sign was changed to one similar to that of the main store's road sign.

*The Oak Grove location, which opened in July 1960, originally appeared to be all tan in color. The mansard roofing (which I believe originally was a reddish hue and had the "Fred Meyer" name in red letters) wasn't on the store until after being remodeled for the first time in 1969, and I also think it was back then that the header signs in various colors which identified the store's various departments were installed, and remained there until the store was remodeled for a second time in 1990. Although not considered a major remodeling aspect, the roofing of the store was painted circa 1980 to the same blackish-brown color with white Fred Meyer text to match the chain's Clackamas location.

*In regards to the 1950s-era Hawthorne store, I believe the mansard roof was added onto the store in 1971 (which looks to have a reddish hue) and remained there until the store's 1996 overhaul.

Anyone who has been across these old Freddy's stores in the time periods mentioned, please respond.

Thank you,


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