An Old Thriftway in Milwaukie

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An Old Thriftway in Milwaukie

Post by StoreLiker2006 » 10 Dec 2009 19:34

Any one of my fellow Milwaukians remember this particular Thriftway in downtown Milwaukie?

This store burned down in 1986 and is now split between a post office and an archery store. The T-H-R-I-F-T-W-A-Y letters on the roofing (initially seen both up front and on the side) were red-on-white as opposed to the black-on-yellow scheme the chain used from the early 1970s to the early 1990s. By about 1980, the T-H-R-I-F-T-W-A-Y letters on the side of the store were gone.

NOTE: This photo is taken from the book Centennial Memories: Milwaukie 1903-2003.

This is the same Thriftway, now in color. Photo dates to the early 1980s (mainly because of the SUV resembling a Ford Bronco).
An old Thriftway store in downtown Milwaukie. Photo dates to the 1960s.

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