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B&B stores

Posted: 28 Oct 2013 01:56
by steps
I caught wind of this grocery store on an Episode of "What's My Line?" (the contest won Grocery Clerk of the year, 1964), but I can not find any info on this store online. I know they were based in Montana and were bought by Fred Meyer in the 1960's, so I am assuming it was a chain. Anyone have any info on this chain?

Re: B&B stores

Posted: 29 Oct 2013 11:53
by marshd1000
I used to work for Fred Meyer. I believe B&B became part of Fred Meyer as part of it's purchase of the Roundup Company (a wholesaler) out of Spokane. There were locations in Kalispell, Columbia Falls and Polson. Eventually they all became Fred Meyer stores. But only the Kalispell store became a full Fred Meyer, although a small one. Eventually Fred Meyer bought Smith's. When Albertsons had to divest of some stores to buy Buttrey Food Centers, Fred Meyer expanded Smith's into Montana and the former B&B stores became part of Smith's. The Kalispell full line Fred Meyer was turned into a food and drug only operation and eventually a new building for Smith's was built.