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Posted: 22 Oct 2006 19:36
by tesg
No I don't. Haven't seen that one.

The reason I posted this one here was because I intended to make a point about the Oregon one, but I forgot to make it, apparenly, and now I can't remember what it was.

Posted: 22 Oct 2006 19:38
by TheStranger
tesg wrote:No I don't. Haven't seen that one.
Here's the post that was made about it: ... rvada#4078
tesg wrote:
The reason I posted this one here was because I intended to make a point about the Oregon one, but I forgot to make it, apparenly, and now I can't remember what it was.
Was it about the lighting, or the wall angle?

I do wonder where that Oregon store is, it looks closed, and the presence of letter plating above the usual SAFEWAY letter space makes me think it was occupied by someone else more recently. (A similar lettering area addition was made to the former Safeway in San Bruno, CA, now Lunardi's.)

Posted: 22 Oct 2006 22:03
by justin karimzad
After examining a photo of the closed Albany, OR Safeway that I took while I was on the train and comparing it to the mystery closed Oregon Safeway, I am 99% sure that the abandoned Safeway pictured is the Albany Safeway. The red stripes along the windows were the biggest, but not the only, giveaway. I can see what you're talking about as far as the panels above the Safeway sign as well, but it still appears that the bottom panels housed the individual S A F E W A Y letters, although I didn't see this store when it was open, so I can't confirm that. Since I'm almost positive that this is the store, I'll share an article about the building. It appears that this 1966 Safeway actually has been vacant since Safeway departed in 1999. At least as recently as June 2006, the building was still vacant. ... news02.txt

Posted: 22 Oct 2006 22:08
by justin karimzad
...and the Albany Safeway building is vacant no longer. There's an interior photo in this article, too; ... rstore.txt

Posted: 23 Oct 2006 05:31
by TheStranger
Here's an odd angle (via a store security mirror) of what I think is a Seattle-area marina ceiling:

Oregon Coast interior captured with a quirky camera filter:


Safeway being picketed in Toppenish, WA, 1969.'m ... 01969a.jpg


Seattle-area 1970s store? ... d=P7030006

Another shot of the Ashland store:

Former Safeway in Oregon City, at 878 Mollala (the address was mentioned somewhere in a search) which operated for at least 1958 to 1976:

Hillsboro, OR former Safeway, now Grocery Outlet? former 1940s Safeway in Montana former Safeway in Miles City, MT - a marina building now serving as a Pepsi distributor; not sure if the section of the structure behind the marina roof is part of an older "box" Safeway design, or if it was added by the Pepsi distributor.

Former Safeway site, burned down in a recent fire, in Seattle:
Alas, west Capitol Hill's Hillcrest Deli-Market was too damaged by the July fire to be fixed. It began under the Hillcrest name in 1959, but was really a pre-supermarket era Safeway dating from the 1920s, making it one of the town's longest continually-operating grocery locations. We'll have to wait and see what replaces it.
Safeway in Bothell, WA, 1939: ... Page2.html ... 201939.jpg

The 1950s Safeway in Seattle with 1970s front remodel: ... way-01.jpg ... way-02.jpg

Here's a shot of the Safeway in Monroe, WA:

Spokane-area marina: at Safeway.jpg

Ashland, OR marina again, on a Japanese blog. This time with an interior shot! ... feway.html

Sandpoint, ID store that looks to be a remodeled 1970s building: ... feway.html

1940s Safeway in Hanford, WA: ... s_historic

1930s or 1940s shot of a Safeway in Burns, OR:

1930s-era interior at 6th and McGraw, in Seattle:

Olympia marina, not sure I've posted this one:

The downtown Bellevue store again, juxtaposed against a nearby skyscraper: ... m=16&pos=4 ... cs/safeway

Former Safeway, falsefronted marina, at Rainier Avenue South and Genesee Street in Seattle: ... enesee.pdf

Former Safeway in Portland at Interstate and Portland Boulevard: ... tore.shtml ... led%20item___

Another Portland former Safeway I might have mentioned before: ... gory=34029
2201 SE Powell - can't seem to see the building in this shot

Former Safeway in Moscow, ID, a gable being reused as the Moscow Co-Op supermarket (and renovated):

Former Safeway in Medford, OR, a marina now housing the county elections department: ... t/edit.htm

Former Safeway, Lakewood, WA. Looks like a possible false-front. ... ?CBA=43922

A closed gable in Portland, at 82nd and SE Foster Road: ... _n15914610

according to the article, an apparel store is slated to take over the spot.

marina now subdivided in Bellingham, WA:
http://edit.bellinghamherald.gannettonl ... 0GALLAGHER

Kirkland, WA store site - demolished? ... d%20States___

Grandview, WA store across the street from the Yakima Valley Community College: ... Sept03.pdf

Sedro-Woolley, WA store mentioned here: ... brary.html
An overhead: ... d%20States___

Former Safeway in Seattle, on Roosevelt Way: ... spx?ID=516

Helena, MT location from the 1940s photo'd here: ... _gulch.htm
The later location, on the northeast corner of Placer and Fuller:


Story on marina Safeway demolished in Seaside, OR. ... tionID=398


From the Oregon Historic Photographics collection...

Nearly-finished early 1960s box store (think the existing Boulder, CO Safeway) in Salem at the Northgate Shopping Center: ... =566&REC=2

1941 shot of store at 14th and State in Salem: ... =326&REC=3


Another closed store in Seattle, in Arbor Heights (SW Roxbury at 35th SW):

And another former Seattle location, Stone Way at Bridge Way: ... Report.pdf

Here's a closed location in Beaverton, OR: ... under.html

Pylon-era store at Interstate and Maryland (south of Skidmore) in Portland, now Harbor Freight: ... ssion3.pdf ... led%20item___

Here's a nice shot of the Bellingham Public Market marina, I think I've already mentioned this store before:
http://www.thebellinghambusinessjournal ... manac.html


Eugene, OR site mentioned here, E 18th and Pearl. Not sure if it is still standing.


From the Seattle Municipal Archives...a circle S on a Safeway on First Avenue, 1981:

1956 shot of a small store, 15th NE and E 80th:


From the Oregon Historic Photograph Collections...

Eastwood Plaza Shopping Center in Salem, 1963, wavy-awning Safeway:

Small Safeway (with circle S) in Burns, OR, 1962:

Florence, OR Safeway with unusual pole sign, 1961:


Albertsons marina in Montana, ex-Safeway? ... rtsons.jpg


Anacortes, WA Safeway, looks to be late 70s. ... cortes.jpg


Stunning black and white shot of the marina in Olympia (you can see a 1990s-era decor sign!):

Store under construction in Port Townsend, WA. ... 299082718/

Posted: 28 Oct 2006 18:26
by justin karimzad
I'll bet the Miles City, MT store is the same situation as the hybrid pylon/ marina at 849 W. 6th ave. in Eugene, OR

Posted: 28 Oct 2006 18:37
by TheStranger
justin karimzad wrote:I'll bet the Miles City, MT store is the same situation as the hybrid pylon/ marina at 849 W. 6th ave. in Eugene, OR
I had not even noticed the marina front until I looked at my googlemaps screenshot (posted earlier in the thread) again:

Posted: 10 Nov 2006 00:44
by tkaye
TheStranger wrote:Former Safeway, Lakewood, WA. Looks like a possible false-front. ... ?CBA=43922
This is a false front, but it's not hiding anything interesting. You'll notice on that page that this store was constructed in 1984. This is at the Lakewood Towne Center (formerly Villa Plaza and later the Lakewood Mall). A 60,000-square foot replacement store was built on another part of the site in 2001. The 1984 store was sold to the city, who used it as a place to park police cruisers and store other city equipment until recently. The last time I looked inside, the early '90s wall graphics were still up. This building replaced an even earlier gabled store at Villa Plaza, built in 1960, which now houses a 24-Hour Fitness center. It has a completely new facade that hides any trace of its prior life as a Safeway. The angled roof is still visible from the alley behind the store, however. (Does anyone know of another shopping center where a single store has been in three separate buildings and all three are still standing?! There is also another supermarket in the center, now Saar's Marketplace, that dates back to the first phase of development in 1957. So, in all there are four buildings on this site that were built as supermarkets.)

I thought I'd also share an album of photos of the pre-Marina Safeway located at S. 11th & "M" in Tacoma: ... 2329886859
This store opened in 1957, received a remodels around 1968 and 1980. A pharmacy was tacked onto the store in 1996 -- the ceiling of this area is quite a bit lower than the original building. Besides the pharmacy, the annex has the produce department, HBA, and a single aisle of bread. While the store originally had a bakery, it's long gone. (A small selection of donuts and cakes are trucked in from another store.) There's a current store map in the photo folder as well to show how the 20,000-odd square feet are used. Note that circular checkstands are used instead of conveyor belts to save space.

Also, here are a couple of pictures from the 1961 University Place (S. 27th & Jackson, now 27th W. & Bridgeport) store.
Artist's rendering: ... 07964634/0
Photo: ... 07899838/1
This building was demolished several years ago -- it was replaced by the College Center store at 19th W. & Mildred in 1975. The replacement store closed in the early '90s, probably in part due to the fact that it was about midway between the Highland Hills store at Sixth & Pearl and the Green Firs Village store at 40th W. & Bridgeport.

Speaking of Highland Hills, here's an artist's rendering of the original Marina store, which opened in August 1965: ... 21504989/8
Safeway built a new store on the same site around 1988.

Posted: 10 Nov 2006 01:15
by justin karimzad
The Safeway in Eugene, OR at 145 E. 18th and Pearl was reconstructed in 2002. This involved the demolition of all but two walls, which I'm guessing are the back wall and the right wall that touches the neighboring drug store;

Posted: 10 Nov 2006 01:45
by justin karimzad
Here's another photo of the Tacoma University Place Safeway, during its grand opening; ... 95728PM830

Posted: 20 Nov 2006 06:28
by TheStranger
Here's a gable in North Bend, OR that was in the outlot of Pony Village Mall. ... -mall.html ... loseup.jpg


Former Safeway in Aberdeen, WA.


Looks like the Grandview, WA store mentioned earlier in this thread is going to be reused as a "teaching winery" for the Yakima Valley Community College. ... 1114c.html

Here's a googlemaps look of the location, now that I know where the exact intersection is - Wine Country and Grandridge. Store, from overhead, looks to be a boxy 1970s build.

Posted: 22 Nov 2006 01:08
by tkaye
This building looks nearly identical to an ex-Safeway built in 1971 at 8400 Steilacoom Blvd. S.W. in the Oakbrook neighborhood of Lakewood, south of Tacoma. The Oakbrook Safeway lasted until the late '80s and is now split between a Schuck's Auto Supply and a video rental store. Standalone Safeways built in the '70s and early '80s seem to be pretty rare -- most all of them from that era seem to have been in shopping centers (often with a Pay 'n Save and an Ernst Hardware as neighbors). Apparently this mansard roof design (that's obscured by the canopy sign) was the successor to the Marina and gabled facades for standalones, even if it was seldom used. The former College Center store on 19th St. W. in University Place (built 1975) also looks like this, but there was also an adjoining Pay 'n Save and some smaller shops at the end.

This Aberdeen store was built in 1973, by the way. There's another angle here in a slightly older photo: ... 000A99.jpg.

Posted: 22 Nov 2006 01:30
by tkaye
Here's another mansard-roofed standalone store from Port Townsend (442 W. Sims Way): ... hoto01.jpg. It's had a full remodel and doesn't look anything like this now, however.

Posted: 22 Nov 2006 01:39
by TheStranger
I've actually called that prototype the "shake-roof" style, and I've seen it quite a bit in's a common 1970s design (Safeway wasn't the only one who used it).


Safeway in Kodiak City, AK. Looks to be a false-fronted 70s store? ... afeway.htm

Newer Safeway in Portland...

Woodburn, OR - looks to be a 1970s store with stone wings... ... feway.html

Newer Safeway in Portland with an interesting design:

BEAUTIFUL shots of the Lake Oswego, OR marina with its sparkling new glass front.

A couple of good shots of the Roseburg, OR marina that is closing soon.

January 2006 article on how the downtown Bellevue, WA Safeway ended up becoming a target for the chopping block, complete with picture of the existing marina. ... way21.html

Safeway being demolished in Bellingham, WA.

1960s interior shots of a Seattle-area store:

Queen Anne (Seattle) store - note the writer's lack of knowledge about the former NYC division, suggesting that Safeway has never had any stores within 300 miles of that locale:

Klamath Falls, OR marina, 211 N. Eighth Street ... c03210.htm

Myrtle Point, OR marina and interior shots.

A Washington state-area? abandoned Safeway:

Mall Safeway in Fairbanks, AK - may have been sold off after Carrs merger, as this photo dates to November 2001:


A photo of the ex-Safeway marina at 6th and Adams in Eugene, OR that I hadn't posted before...

What I am wondering: The store had a 40 year lease that ended in 92 - which means it would have originally been a Safeway in 1952, a good few years before the marina prototype came to existence. So was this a pylon site that received a marina replacement soon after?


82nd Street closed gable, I THINK Portland:

Shot from a car of the Coquille, OR store:


12/4: Shots of the Olympia marina, in black and white.


12/15: Storewanderer linked me to this story (with photo) about a 1970s shakeroof Safeway in Whitefish, MT planning an expansion. ... news03.txt


12/17: New shot of the gable in Reedsport, OR.


12/25: A former Safeway in Kelso, WA gets a new tenant. ... news03.txt

Seattle store with interesting exterior.


2/20/07: A couple of Flickr finds.

- CLASSIC buggy parking sign at a marina in Olympia, not sure if it's the same Olympia marina I've posted in this thread before or not.

- Gullwing marina in Lynwood, WA, now serving as Big Lots. Parking lot lights still original!

Safeway on NE 4th in Bellevue

Posted: 21 Mar 2007 00:28
by timbabcock
It was just announced about a month ago that Bellevue Square owner Kemper Freeman is planning on tearing down the Safeway and Bartell Drugs and will use the site for another addition to Lincoln Square. Most of it will be a parking garage to replace the structure in front of JC Penneys that will be torn down and replaced with more stores. Safeway will move across the street to a new shopping center/condo development. I wonder if its going to look like the lower Queen Anne store or the one in West Seattle over by the junction?

I'll miss that store. I worked on that copier in there quite a bit.

On another note, can anyone confirm if the Wallingford Safeway on Stoneway Ave is still open? That was an oldie of a store. I'd like to take some pics of it if it is open or the building is still standing.