Does anyone remeber Fazios?


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Re: Does anyone remeber Fazios?

Post by luckysaver » 26 Dec 2010 18:55

Go to the small Albertsons on Sierra Madre Blvd and Michillinda in Sierra Madre (north of the 210 Freeway). Its like you're stuck in the 1970's because the decor was originally a Fazio's.

Albertsons acquired Fazio's in 1978 and kept this particular store as is. When I visited that store last year, it reminded me of the old 1986 decor of the Hacienda Heights Albertsons-Savon (Colima). I don't know if this Sierra Madre location was an Albertsons remodel in '78 or '86 or if it is an original well-preserved Fazio location.


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Re: Does anyone remeber Fazios?

Post by Jason B. » 07 Sep 2018 05:34

There is a brief "Fazio's - The Food People" television ad from Nov. 14, 1975 on YouTube at: Go to 1:40. This commercial aired on KABC-TV Los Angeles during "Good Morning America."

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Re: Does anyone remeber Fazios?

Post by Groceteria » 07 Sep 2018 22:37

I caught that commercial/video a few weeks ago as well. The poster does a lot of work with obsolete video formats and his whole collection is a pretty amazing documentation of what local broadcasting looked like during an era from which very little material was saved due to the practice of "wiping" videotapes. Lots of random supermarket ads pop up in these clips.

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