My adoption and the Triftymart connection. Please help me!


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My adoption and the Triftymart connection. Please help me!

Post by Shawn Harrington » 23 Jul 2017 19:11

Hello everyone!
So, I was adopted at birth and there is a Thriftymart connection. I am looking for my real family. If anything here sounds familiar to you, could you please let me know?
Thank you for any help that you can give me,
Shawn Harrington

Here's what I know:

My birth mother lived in North Carolina and she was married to a dentist. They became separated or divorced. On New Years Eve/New Years of '64/'65 she hooked up with someone and got pregnant with me. She didn't want her husband to find out because she didn't want to lose her alimony and child support. She already had two children, they were young and I think a boy and a girl. So, she came out to Southern California to have me. She came to California because her sister lived here. Her sister was married to a guy that worked at Thriftymart chain of grocery stores. I think he was a manager. Either in Simi Valley or The Valley. My adopted mother, Leita Harrington, married to Don Harrington, worked for Thriftymart in Simi Valley and I think The Valley too, and she couldn't have kids. And, my adopted parents wanted kids. So, somehow a deal was made, and my real mother went into the hospital under my adopted mom's name and gave birth to me on 10/1/1965. So, there is no paper trail of my adoption. There was an exchange of money for me. I don't know how much. I do know the price went up at the last minute and it was paid. Now, my mothers best friend Sandy also worked for Thriftymart. She has passed away a couple years ago. I don't know her last name back then. But, when she passed it was Lingle. When I asked my adopted father about my adoption, he said Sandy knows more details. I asked her and she said that she didn't know any more details. I think she was honoring my adopted moms wish for me to never know the truth.

Again, if anyone out there knows anything, please let me know. If I knew the name of that manager around 1965, I could find his wife's name and my real mom would be her sister.

Thanks again,

Edit: Does anyone out there know of a Thriftymart big wig at the time with the last name of Rimp or something similar to that? I was told he has a brother named Ron. I was told this Rimp guy knows some info or possibly more.

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