Market Basket locations in 1959 and 1963


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Re: Market Basket locations in 1959 and 1963

Post by MARKetBasket71 » 02 Jun 2012 20:53

See below the line/name for Market Basket Store 22 at 1221 S Anaheim Blvd (formerly Los Angeles St but a different #), in Anaheim CA, the picture appears to be of a different location.
"1221 S Los Angeles St, Anaheim--Looks like a car repair shop"

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Re: Market Basket locations in 1959 and 1963

Post by GaryED44 » 16 Mar 2013 19:08

Stopped by the former location in Santa Fe Springs a couple of days ago

11550 Telegraph, Santa Fe Springs--probably the Jax Market ... ene=999354

The JAX market is gone apparently closed for a while all the interior fixtures were gone too a very empty building now.


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Re: Market Basket locations in 1959 and 1963

Post by klkla » 06 Sep 2016 21:03

runchadrun wrote:
11766 Wilshire Blvd, West LA--Pavilions. It's the short building between the towers. This store has been talked about in another thread as having been a Ralphs before it was torn down to build the tower. ... ne=3580981
I stumbled across an interesting website today that has what is evidently the architectural concept for this store with the Barrington Towers Apts. clearly in the background.


It was indeed a Ralphs throughout the 1980's before it was torn down and a Pavilions and office tower built on the same on the same lot. The Pavilions has since closed.

Current Google Maps view: ... 56!6m1!1e1

The post containing the image is interesting and can be read in it's entirety here: ... er-market/

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Re: Market Basket locations in 1959 and 1963

Post by pseudo3d » 09 Sep 2016 00:20

So the CA Market Basket stores did have that logo...I'm more familiar with that logo being used for a chain in East Texas and Louisiana, founded in 1962 as a grocers co-op group. They must have ripped the logo straight off of the CA Market Basket stores...

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