Godfathers Pizza

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Godfathers Pizza

Post by scanman2 » 29 Oct 2007 13:49

There was a Godfathers pizza in Chino CA on Central Ave & Philadelphia that was originally a Sambos. It was a Bakers Square for many years after Godfathers closed very quickly. Bakers Square lost the lease and the manager told me the owner of the shopping center got a higher lease offer from a bank and about a year ago it became a WAMU. The thing I liked about Godfathers pizza was the nice decanter that you could purchase with a combo and it would come filled with the soda of your choice and also came with a snap on lid. I still have it. It looks like an orange juice decanter.

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Brian Lutz
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Re: Godfathers Pizza

Post by Brian Lutz » 14 Jul 2008 21:44

Virtually all of the Godfathers locations I know of around here are gone now (I think there might still be a few operating in the southern Puget Sound area,) although most of the ones I know of were in strip malls.
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Re: Godfathers Pizza

Post by enginecapt » 29 Jul 2008 11:58

There used to be a 2 story Godfather's in El Toro, in the Saddleback Valley Plaza off El Toro Road. That entire center was recently bulldozed to bare earth, so all traces of its existence are gone now.

Pretty good pizza, by the way. But not as good as Roundtable.
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