Arthur Treacher's Fish and Chips

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Post by Old_Tymr » 20 Jun 2006 13:38

Per my new telephone book, there is an Arthur Treachers still in operation in Dearborn, Michigan. I just recently purchased a new digital camera and will hopefully have a photo soon.

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Post by turbocsx » 08 Aug 2006 23:16

i know of one that is located on long island. It is teamed up with a chicken place called pudgies.

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Post by danielh_512 » 15 Aug 2006 23:43

Still-operating Arthur Treacher's Fish & Chips on Richmond Hwy. (Rt 1) in Alexandria, VA.

Edric Floyd
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Post by Edric Floyd » 16 Aug 2006 01:36

In Florida you can find Arthur Treachers AND Nathans combined with MIAMI SUBS in the original Miami Subs buildings.

Miami Subs was originally "Mr Submarine" in South Florida before expanding around Florida and outside of Florida. And "Mr Submarine/Miami Subs" came out of a Florida Mexican restaurtant chain in the 1970's and 1980's called Taco Viva.


Post by tobyradloff2 » 14 Sep 2006 09:27

Arthur Treacher's is still alive and well in NE Ohio...some locations dating to the chain's beginnings in the late 1960's/early 1970's are still open today, although some locations use the "Arthur Treacher's Seafood Grille" name...the food is still the same as at an "Arthur Treacher's Fish and Chips". I think the chain is still headquartered in Youngstown, although that may have changed since the Nathan's takeover. I think NE OH was one of Arthur Treacher's first markets.

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Post by krogerclerk » 14 Sep 2006 18:20

Dave Thomas was involved at some level with Arthur Treacher's between leaving KFC and starting Wendy's though his association was brief. AT's was briefly in my area, but dissappeared after the arrival of Long John Silver's and Captain D's, the two dominant seafood chains in the South. Southeast Florida seems to be the only Southern holdout for the chain.

John Michael
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Post by John Michael » 15 Sep 2006 00:30

Would you believe that we still have both a Long John Silver's and an Arthur Treacher's Fish and Chips here in Cleveland? Just passed them both yesterday. Some things just will not die here.

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Re: Arthur Treacher's Fish and Chips

Post by Daniel » 04 Jan 2008 16:12

Had lunch today at a surviving Arthur Treacher's in Parma Heights. Is this the original interior??





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Re: Arthur Treacher's Fish and Chips

Post by Groceteria » 04 Jan 2008 17:42

Shot the photo below in Alexandria VA (where there are still some Roy Rogers units as well) a few weeks ago. I didn't go inside.


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Post by TenPoundHammer » 05 Jan 2008 17:29

Old_Tymr wrote:Per my new telephone book, there is an Arthur Treachers still in operation in Dearborn, Michigan. I just recently purchased a new digital camera and will hopefully have a photo soon.
Sorry to tell you, but the Arthur Treacher's in Dearborn is no more. This one was inside Fairlane Town Center, but it was a full sit-down location, not a food court counter. It was next to a full-line McDonald's, which is still in operation (I think). Given that the mall was built in 1976, it's very possible that at least one of these eateries was original to the mall.

Treacher's also had food court locations at Northland Center in Southfield (later another eatery, now closed?) and Eastland Center in Harper Woods (food court annex torn down), as well as Frenchtown Square in Monroe (swallowed up by adjacent Coach House store).

They have a store locator here in case you're interested; Ohio seems to be their strongest market by far.

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Re: Arthur Treacher's Fish and Chips

Post by umtrr-author » 08 Jan 2008 22:23

The last time I was in the Mall at Steamtown in Scranton, PA, there was still an Arthur Treachers' in the food court there-- I was quite surprised since I thought it was completely gone. It's been about a year so I am not sure it is still there.

There were AT's in New Jersey for a brief time as well. I don't think there were any up here in the Rochester NY area at least as long as I've been here (since 1989).

With respect to H. Salt, if you look carefully during the legendary film "This Is Spinal Tap" you can tell that one of the scenes is shot in one of their outlets.

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Re: Arthur Treacher's Fish and Chips

Post by rt22306 » 18 Sep 2011 18:29

Groceteria; an update to your post on the Alexandria, VA AT on U.S. 1. It's now closed; about two weeks ago I noticed the signage was out, and is now gone. I went there 3-4 times a year before going to Target next door, or my church essentially across the road. The other location in Alexandria has been closed for perhaps 3 years, it's now a rental car agency. But I still have 2 Roy Rogers restaurants within a few miles of my home.

It was there 23 years ago when I moved here, can't say for how long it was in place for sure.

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Re: Arthur Treacher's Fish and Chips

Post by TenPoundHammer » 12 Jan 2012 04:09

The locations in Detroit and Ann Arbor were spun off by the franchise owner into a new chain called Seafood Bay. That went out of business in 1996 and interestingly, AT bought a couple of them back. Ones in Livonia and Madison Heights became a "Seafood Grille" for about a year, but went independent again; AT also bought four more but never got around to converting them. A former Seafood Bay on Fenkell is still vacant, as is a former AT on McNichols near Mound that I think closed before the Seafood Bay takeover.

AT returned to Detroit in the 1990s with a handful of food court locations (Eastland, Northland, Universal, Tel-Twelve, Frenchtown Square), plus the non-food-court Fairlane location. I think Eastland was the first of those to close, with Fairlane and Northland as the last to close. They also made a brief return to Flint, another market abandoned in the 80s, with a short-lived location (2004-08) in a former Kenny Rogers Roasters.

They weren't really prominent elsewhere: Lansing had a few well into the 1990s (one is now called just "Fish & Chips"), Grand Rapids had at least one, and of all places, Mt. Pleasant even had one.

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