Hideous Kroger superstore modification

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Hideous Kroger superstore modification

Post by Groceteria » 15 Aug 2019 09:18

Posted this to Twitter yesterday, but I thought people here might enjoy it too. This is south of Monroe, Michigan.

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Andrew T.
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Re: Hideous Kroger superstore modification

Post by Andrew T. » 15 Aug 2019 11:11

Oh, the humanity! The enormous "hat" perched above two of the original arches is so ridiculous that it's almost hilarious.

It's a shame neither of us could have seen the store 20 years earlier. In this old thread, Speedway79 implied that this Kroger (or another one close to it) survived with completely intact, original 1970s superstore decor and fixtures longer than any other store in the chain:
Speedway79 wrote:
07 Apr 2007 11:30
Come to think about it too, I have a story to share about the old monroe, mich. superstore as well. back in late 1999 I found myself on a unusually smowy night at this store and noticed a few things.

1. The lighting had an irresdescent quality to it, you felt instantly different when you walked into the store.

2. Completely intact superstore with ALL original signage in original colors, aisle markers, checkstands, wall colors.

3. Original shelves and cases throughout.

This was 100% like stepping back into 1979 and at the same time I had a strange feeling and tightness in my chest and the realization that nothing was quite right here, the whole place was a little askew. Everyone either sported a scowl or was dressed in polyester. Shortly thereafter the store was shuttered after kroger very temporarily escaped monroe.
"The pale pastels which have been featured in most food stores during the past 20 years are no longer in tune with the mood of the 1970s."
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